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HK Website Development Service

  • Web Design,Flash Website Design,Leaflet Design,Shared Web Hosting,Server Co-location

    Web Design Company:Smart-Info provide professional Web Design Service
  • Web Programs,Web CMS,Flash CMS,Graphical Flash Animation,Dedicated Hosting,Dedicated Server,Domain Registration

    Website Development are the ideal place for most small to large sized websites. Server Hosting, Web CMS give you a top quality website
  • Application Program,CMS,CRM,HR Solution,Business Broadband,Printed Media Design,Logo Design,Name Card Design

    Don't settle for an inferior web design, Smart-Info:Web Design provide excellent customer service, robust and simple website management service
Web Design|Website Hosting
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Web Development Intro:

Smart-Info Limited was founded with the goal to provide excellent customer service, robust and simple website management service. Smart-Info Limited has continued to flourish and strike to be a technology leader. We have over 5 years experience in graphical design business particularly in website design work. We offer one-stop full service to ensure a quick and smooth implementation. With our affordable web solutions, we are confident that your business can operate in a more efficient and profitable way.

Web Promotion

New International & Geographical Top Level Domain

Since the emergence of Internet, .com, .net, .org has been the most enthusiastic gTLDs, especially .com domain name is the account for more than 80% share in top level domain. In order to solve .com domain name resource depletion, to break the long-term monopoly registration, to meet the needs of industry users, ICANN give a resolution in November 2000 under the development of the Internet, from 2001, launch of the "New International Top Level Domain". New international top level domain is part of the international top level domain system, commonly used domains are: .biz(commercial), .info(information), .travel(tourism), .mobi(mobile), .name(individual), .asia(Asia), at present, according to development needs, the trend is keep growing. Geographical top-level domain have 243 countries and regions of code, such as .cn behalf of China, .uk on behalf of the United Kingdom, .us on behalf of the United States, from the management of nation level Internet Information Centre, it is also known as the national top-level domain.

Smart-Info's domain name registration system is the registration and management interface API, instant registration, instant success, to ensure timely registration of your domain name. And so you have absolute control over the domain name, free move in or out, online self-help set the domain of records, without any charge traps, and provides domain name password to & make sure you 100% own the domain name ownership and management.

Web Design:PHP Website,Flash website Design

Smart-Info:Web Design Packages will be tailor- mafe to your individual requirements
Web Design,Flash Website Design

Website design is a critical piece of your company's Internet success

. It is the first impression a visitor has of your company. Our web design services ( Website Design Customized Package, Website Design Professional Customized Package, Website Design Professional Flash Package ) will be tailor-made to your individual requirements and we will work with you. Don't settle for an inferior web design when Smart-Info can give you a top quality website.
Web design,HTML Website,Flash Website Design

Web Programming,Flash CMS,Web CMS

Web Program,Web CMS
Smart-Info designs web-based database applications that allow your customers to shop and order online, browse and search catalogs, perform research, and receive personalized information.

Web Hosting:Shared Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Our shared web hosting packages are the ideal place for most small to large sized websites

. We offer hosting packages that cater to both business and personal sites alike, and you'll find a wide range of features with our state of the art control panel.
Shared Web Hosting

Virtual Dedicated Server, Linux VDS

Dedicated Hosting|Server Co-location
We offers virtual dedicated performance, reliability, and features your website needs. Our virtual dedicated server available in Linux Platforms.
Virtual Dedicated Server

Dedicated Hosting,Dedicated Server

Dedicated Hosting|Server Co-location
There is a lot to look for when it comes to dedicated servers. In addition to our popular pre-built solutions, we offer exceptional custom built systems. We pride ourselves in our ability to custom configure a server to fit any clients needs.
Dedicated Hosting,Dedicated Server

Web Promotion

Web Promotion
Google's index of web pages is the largest in the world, comprising more than 3 billion web pages. Google searches this immense collection of web pages often in less than half a second. Users can restrict their searches for content in 35 non-English languages. Over 70% of all searches conducted on the Internet originate from Google!
Web Promotion
Search Engine Optimization
SEO, also named Search Engine Optimization, is the most popular online marketing and advertising method in recent years. The main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase more visitors to access your website, thus increasing sales opportunities.
Search Engine Optimization
Domain Registration
If you don't already have a domain name, this is the place to start. We don't apply any extra setup fees to domain registrations.
Domain Registration

Printed Media Design|Leaflet Design,Logo Design,Name Card Design

Printed Media Design,Leaflet,Name Card Design
Except of website design. We specialize in traditional printed media design (Ex. Poster Design, Booklet Design, Logo Design, Label Design , Name Card Design, Letterhead Design, Folder Design, Envelope Design , CD Rom Cover Design, E-Card Design, etc ) . We are able to design anything from single colour personal stationary through to glossy colour leaflets.
Leaflet Design,Logo Design
E-Commerce Solution,Online Shopping Cart
We put ourselves in your shoes to determine what is important to you as a business owner looking to add an ecommerce shopping cart solution to your website or looking to setup a new ecommerce website.
ecommerce website
Computer Networking
Having a network connecting all computers of your office even among offices lets your work more efficiency. A network has a function of sharing various applications including printer, files, fax and broadband Internet access.
Computer Network

Application Program,Web CMS

Application Programming
With our experienced networking consultants, customers can get the up-market software applications at a flat subscription basis. They not only can have a predictable drop in costs of implementation and total cost of ownership, but also can maximize the business opportunites with remote access of applications.

iPhone / Android Appilcation
Smart-Info has been in the iPhone / Android app development space since the device launched. During this time, we have developed more than 200 apps for iPhone / Android alone. Our iPhone / Android application developers, designers, and program managers are experts at getting the right balance between client's ideas, iPhone / Android platform standards, user experience and expectations, as well as technical challenges and possibilities in the project.
iPhone Apps
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