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Company News:.ASIA Domain Name Registration -Smart-Info:Web Design
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Company News

.ASIA Domain Name Registration

Date: 27 Mar 2008

The .ASIA name space was approved by ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) on December 6 2006, and the DotASIA Organization is now actively promoting the .ASIA domain name to the 73 Asian countries. The General Registration (Go Live!) Period for .ASIA starts on March 26 2008. From this date onwards, .ASIA Domain name applications are processed on a First Come First Served Basis. The applicant for the .ASIA domain name must provide an address that is geographically located in any of the 73 Asian countries. Smart-Info will provide this local presence requirement free of charge, should you not meet this requirement.

依照國際域名最高管理組織ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)的分類,「.ASIA」屬於頂級域名。「.ASIA」頂級域名在2006年12月6日正式由ICANN核准,而負責管理、核發「.ASIA」域名的國際組織DotASIA接受亞洲區七十三個政府與經濟體申請保留相關域名。港訊網絡在2008年3月26日後已開始接受有興趣取得「.ASIA」頂級網域名稱的公司、組織機構與個人的註冊申請;但若同一商標名稱在亞洲區內不同國家並非同一家公司所有,則採取先來先得制度解決。

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